North Carolina and South Carolina Horse Shows

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Welcome to CAROLINA HORSE! Carolina Horse Shows is an online directory of both recognized and schooling horse shows listed within the states of North and South Carolina. From English to Western and from Combined Training to Timed Event, Carolina Horse will keep you updated on the events scheduled throughout the state. North and South Carolina has a strong population of people who love to spend time with their horses in the show ring. Due to a lack of visibility across organizations, many shows do not reach their potential in advertising, participation, or promotion. That is where Carolina Horse can help. With more horse people looking to the web to stay connected, Carolina Horse can assist in promoting horse shows and events, keeping North and South Carolina horse show competitors connected and informed. Even better, the service is FREE! If you have a horse show that you would like listed, please use our CONTACT US form. We will gladly list your clinics as well. Always check with the event contact to be sure of any modifications, rain dates, or cancellations. Carolina Horse tries to have the latest and most accurate information available, but we have to rely on the event organizers to supply us with that information. For fine equestrian pillows, please visit Pike Road Pillow Company - fine indoor and outdoor equestrian pillows made in the USA. THIS IS A NEW SITE, WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO UPLOAD NEW UPCOMING EQUESTRIAN EVENTS IN NORTH OR SOUTH CAROLINA!!! THANK YOU!


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